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I can help perform your Korean trademark search, prepare your trademark application, guide you through the trademark registration process, respond to a trademark office action, represent you in trademark opposition and trademark cancellation proceedings, and provide you with valuable legal advice in a wide variety of trademark matters

We offer the convenient and cost-effective service to respond to the notice of refusal with preparing an argument or amendment previous judgments with service fees of US$400.00 to US$700.00 depending on the reasons of refusal.


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Providing with exceptional quality and excellent customer service

Our trademark agents can guide you through the entire process of registration with a convenient and cost-effective solution


To be the premier global provider of creativity and innovation for the benefit of all via Korean trademark and branding

We help you realize the full potential of trademark and branding in Korea

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Best quality service at an affordable price

Excellent, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in responding to the notice of refusal from the Korean Patent Office under the Madrid Protocol

Ys Kim